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Establishing the IQRA Hoti Mardan in 1998 was a islamic sector in the area. By the grace of Almighty Allah, within a short span of time, IQRA Hoti Mardan has become a glaring example of a great islamic acedmy in the area.

IQRA Hoti Mardan is managed by a governing body and patronized by an Advisory Board, highly decisive policy making authorities to permeate all the issues and matters of the institution concerning syllabus design, teachers selection criteria, salary of the staff, fee structure, teachers training. It devises strategies relating to Mental & Physical development of the students and is playing pivotal role to establish an Islamic society in the country.


Keeping in mind the long experience of more than 25 Years in the field of education in Private Sector, we are in a position to facilitate other schools and to convert the school into a islamic network..

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IQRA Hoti Mardan has become a glaring example of excellence amongst contemporaneous schools and colleges of the circuit and is being considered as a trend setter for Quality Education.

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Good islamic Education and Sound Character building are our most significant and weighty objectives.

 All our plans and policies focus at a point that education and character building both are inseparable so as one reinforces the other and the glory rests in thriving both superlatively well. For this purpose, we are devising programs to impart education of articulate nature, provide the richest possible environment to learners to flourish.

islamic education is the disposition of a person, made up of beliefs, values, skills and traits.

  • Beliefs are the deep-rooted feelings that a person holds dear
  • Values are attitudes about the worth of people, concepts or things.
  • Skills are the knowledge and abilities one gains throughout his/her life.
  • Traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics of a person while character is the sum total of these traits.
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