About Us

Establishing the IQRA Hoti Mardan in 1998 was a response to the exigency of good schooling in the area. By the grace of Almighty Allah, within a short span of time, IQRA Hoti Mardan has become a glaring example of excellence amongst contemporaneous schools and colleges of the circuit and is being considered as a trend setter for Quality Education in surrounding which is a clear manifestation of our wholehearted commitment to this cherished mission. IQRA Hoti Mardan is managed by a governing body and patronized by an Advisory Board, highly decisive policy making authorities to permeate all the issues of the institution concerning syllabus, teachers selection criteria,

Principal Message

Ideas in mind since the establishment of school to provide a platform where the students should express their views, thoughts and sentiments without any hindrance and hesitation. Majlis-e-Iqra provides the opportunity to express their views orally and physically. It inspires them to activate their mental and physical capabilities. To explicit views, imaginations and feelings in written from, Ramooz-e-Iqra is provided. This magazine is published annually delivered to students at the end of academic year. It contains different articles, specially written by students. The teachers are also invited for participation. Articles are written in English, Urdu and Pashto. Bundles of articles are received from students and Teachers. Choice for publishing sometime creates confusion and stress due to specific code of values and volume of the magazine. It is a cumbersome job. It is undeniable fact that students, teachers and parents await anxiously for the time and date of receiving articles. Basic idea of the magazine is to enhance creativity among students. They struggle hard to provide such articles which are the best in their mind. The magazine remains with them as record because each and every student gets the magazine. We are not boastful or arrogant of this achievement. It is the great blessing of Omni present, Omnipotent and Almighty Allah Who has diverted us to such righteous and fruitful path. We pray that He may help us to bring the new generation to the light of Islam.